Dragon’s VIPs
The Green Dragon, Flaunden, Hertfordshire, HP3 0PP. Tel: 01442 832269.  Website creation: Mike Barnes.  Text & original photography: David Sowter. 
Baloo, a huge German
Leonberger, is possibly the
Dragon’s largest canine visitor
to date.
Integral to most centuries-old paintings of
quintessentially-English coaching inns, wayside
hostelries, and village pubs alike are horses and dogs.
And with the timeless continuity of tradition that makes
the English pub a unique institution, horses and dogs
remain an abiding feature of village inns like the Dragon
today, despite life – and their roles – having changed so
fundamentally in the intervening period.
So here are just a few of the valued 21st century equine
and canine visitors welcomed at the Dragon.
Our  VIP  Visitors
(very important pets!)