Dragon Life and Times
The Green Dragon, Flaunden, Hertfordshire, HP3 0PP. Tel: 01442 832269.  Website creation: Mike Barnes.  Text & original photography: David Sowter. 
Dick & Betty – 3 days courtship, 63 years wed!
Octogenarians Dick & Betty Meakins still make a 30-mile round-trip specifically
to lunch at the Dragon once or twice weekly – these days, courtesy of son
Why do they travel to Flaunden for a pint rather than sampling the delights of
hostelries a lot closer to their Borehamwood home?  “Because the Green
Dragon is a proper village pub and we love it”, says Dick emphatically.
Christened Henry and Eliza 86 and 82 years ago respectively, nobody –
including them! – can now recall how they came to be called Dick & Betty.
What is known, however, is that they married on 14th July 1946 after a
whirlwind wartime romance, and were proud recipients of a congratulatory card
from Her Majesty the Queen on their Diamond Wedding anniversary three
years ago.
Dick was just
finishing 28
days of much-
needed leave in
November 1945, having fought his way across
North Africa and up through Italy alongside both
British and American troops, when he and Betty
He was then a Para, she involved with aircraft
recognition during the war.
Returning to his unit in Italy the very next day, he
immediately wrote to Betty with a proposal of
marriage.  She accepted, but had to wait eight
months for his return – just two days after which
they had a church wedding in Fulham Broadway,
followed by a five-day honeymoon in Canterbury.
As well as a son and a daughter, they have seven grandchildren.
In their younger years, the couple would drive out to Flaunden from Borehamwood, where they have lived for the
past 53 years.  Now son Roger, also a great Dragon enthusiast, happily acts as chauffeur for their much-
anticipated visits each week.
Aylesbury Hunt
Vale of Aylesbury Hunt
gathering on a crisp, bright,
still December morning
Octogenarians Dick and Betty Meakins enjoy a
Green Dragon moment.
1946: Dick and Betty Meakins
honeymooning in Canterbury.
An RAF Lancaster IV
(Lincoln) at nearby
Bovingdon airport in May
“Some days four-engine
bombers would leave for
Germany at the rate of one
every two minutes and
seemed as though they
would hit the chimneys of
the houses in their flight